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Retail Store Closing Testimonials

Store Closing Testimonials

"First day sales were fantastic. Long lines of customers waited outside before we opened and they kept coming all day!" - Patti Torre, T & E Baby Store

"We only wish that we had used G.A. Wright before. We would certainly recommend G.A. Wright and caution anyone thinking about a store closing to not try it themselves." - Paul Kelley, Waterville True Value

"Our first day sales were higher than the previous three months combined."
 - Fisher Jewelers

"The sales goal I set which was $40,000 higher than the original goal of $110,000 was surpassed by another $15,000. Simply INCREDIBLE!" - Mr. Jeff Block, Block Music Co., Inc.

"The first days sales were beyond anything I could have imagined...In fact the sales throughout the entire sales were well beyond what we could have accomplished on our own." - Mr. Arnold Goldberg, Accent Lighting

"We are so thankful we chose G.A. Wright for our Store Closing Retirement Sale.  We were very skeptical going in, not imagining how this could be accomplished in today's tough retail climate, but we were pleased with the end results and came out of it believing in the philosophy of G.A. Wright.  - Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Ann Hutcheson, Charles I. Boyer Jewelers.