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Our past clients do the best job of explaining the benefits of our service.

Making the Right Decision

How to Be Sure You’re Making the Right Decision 

To be sure you’re making the right decision about the G.A. Wright Program, it may be very helpful to contact other retailers with stores like yours, who have utilized liquidation retail services and have conducted Store Closing Sales using the G.A. Wright approach.  We can send you letters of reference from past clients and our Senior Consultant will be able to provide phone numbers of clients who will be willing to talk to you over the phone. 

“As the attorney for G. Morris & Company, I was faced with the very difficult decision of hiring various merchandisers and consultants for purposes of entering into a closeout/quitting business sale for the company's retail operation...I want to say that your company has accomplished every goal that it represented it would and the sale was conducted under very, very difficult circumstances."~G.A. Wright Client – Abney, Tate & Mallernee 

Should you be interested, our retail store liquidation company can provide you our banking references or industry memberships and affiliations. We can also provide you with contact names and phone numbers. 

How to Take the Next Step 

If you call our office, the Senior Consultant who covers your part of the country will call you to discuss your business situation and the retail liquidation services we can offer you.  There is no cost or obligation for any discussions with our office or Senior Consultant over the phone.

“The professional consultant assigned to us what was knowledgeable in every aspect of the sale, especially in the areas of merchandising, advertising and promotions and kept our advertising expenses within budget.  The consultant was also sensitive to the fact that quitting business is a difficult experience for the owner and was helpful in providing guidance and insight on handling difficult situations and decisions"~G.A. Wright Client – Phoebus

You will be the only person contacted for confidentiality reasons, and we will call either your home or business office at your discretion. The analysis of your business can be kept completely confidential with any meetings conducted outside the store, if desired. 

Our Senior Consultant will need to inspect your inventory and location and will need access to the financial information and sales history of your store. In order to utilize which retail liquidation services are best for you, a market analysis is typically done before the meeting. When the store analysis is complete, a detailed discussion can take place concerning your various options and the potential outcome of any course of action you may pursue. 

What if a Store Closing Sale Isn't the Answer?

Sometimes a Store Closing Sale isn't the best way to proceed.  The Senior Consultant we send from our retail liquidation company, may suggest alternative courses of action based on the store analysis.

"It is difficult to put a dollar value on the techniques and business knowledge we gained during the past seven and a half weeks, but one fact is certainly clear to us and that is that this is one of the few times in our lives that we unquestionably received much more than we paid for."~G.A. Wright Client - The Wildwood Sportsman, Inc.

A promotional campaign can increase your customer base and build sales volume, solve a cash flow problem, or eliminate an overstock of inventory.  If you want to improve your business and build for the future, you should request our Sales Promotion brochure by calling: 303-333-4453. If you have any additional questions regarding our rtail liquidation services, contact us today!

"It's three days before the end of the sale; all our merchandise is almost sold.  We have reached our goal; our building has been leased for another dress shop...all the fixtures are sold; and we are getting a return of over 125% on our cost of inventory at the time the sale started."~G.A. Wright Client - Maxine's Fashion Shop