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See why hiring a liquidation company is best for your hardware store

How to Liquidate a Hardware Store

Hardware Retail Store Liquidators

Hardware stores go out of business for a variety of reasons including owner retirement, relocation, health issues, changing market trends, and other factors. When these stores need assistance in closing their doors, they turn to G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. We listen to our clients’ needs and design a customized sale process that addresses those needs. Retail store owners looking for the best way to sell their store inventory, fixtures, and assets for the highest cash price rely on G.A. Wright as their professional hardware liquidators, because our process yields greater results than expected.

The G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. team are professional Hardware Liquidators that help hardware stores that need to close their doors. We help store owners liquidate their store inventory, fixtures, and other assets quickly and effectively. One of the things that sets us apart in our industry is that we do have a proven process that accomplishes store closings with a higher return than any other method. Our clients tell us that they are able to maintain impressive profit margins using our store closing program. Our hardware store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events are powerful, because they combine the strength of several key elements to generate remarkable results for our clients.

These elements include:

    • market analysis
    • planning
    • direct marketing
    • fully integrated online and off line advertising
    • sales promotions
    • media relations
    • special events

As professional hardware liquidators, G.A. Wright has the years of experience it takes to generate exceptional results for our clients. Our professional independent liquidation consultants work directly for our clients on site to assist them in the planning, implementation, and management of our store closing and retail sales promotion events. These consultants are sensitive to the client’s needs, understand their customer base, and understand how to produce the kind of results that helps the store maintain profitability margins during the liquidation sale process. The consultants help the client sell out their store to the bare walls with powerful marketing strategies that result in huge sales events, drawing unusually large crowds and generating repeat customers throughout the sale.

The G.A. Wright inventory liquidation program is very successful at producing results our clients are extremely pleased with by integrating:

    • high impact advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, and point-of-sale materials
    • frequent shopper program
    • marketing support services
    • merchandising
    • store operations
    • and sales

A hardware store closing sale is a great way for the store owner to generate a cash return that eliminates the risk involved when selling the store as a going business to a buyer who makes a down payment and needs to finance the balance. An inexperienced buyer may not have the skills and expertise to keep the business profitable after the sale and could eventually default on payments, leaving the seller in an unfavorable financial position.

A survey of the retail industry exploring how retail stores are sold looked at a variety of means to sell the inventory and assets of retail stores, including the following:

    • Store Sale — A store is sold to a purchaser who intends to operate it as a business.
    • Bulk Sale — Inventory is sold in lots to business purchasers for resale.
    • Auction Sale — Inventory and other assets are generally organized in lots and are then sold at auction.
    • Store Closing Sale — Inventory and assets are liquidated in a sale to consumers.

The study found that “of the methods used by retailers surveyed, liquidating assets in a sale to consumers appears to be the most favored when the main objective is to optimize profitability and cash flow.”

A closeout sale planned and managed by G.A. Wright is attractive and effective because:

    • It is fast (can usually be conducted in 60 days)
    • It produces cash
    • The risk is minimal
    • It effectively moves inventory, store fixtures, and other assets
    • It produces a higher cash return than any other method of selling a business
    • It generates predictable, above average results
    • It far exceeds our client’s expectations

When hardware store owners are looking for the best way to sell their stores, they want the best hardware liquidators. That’s where G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. comes in, with the experience to liquidate a hardware store in the best possible manner. We walk our clients through the store closing sale process in a revenue positive manner, and clients tell us that they are pleasantly surprised with the ease of the process and the results they received, which they believe would not have been realized had they attempted the closing sale process without the help of G.A. Wright Sales, Inc.

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