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Thinking about selling your store? DON'T! Read this first! URGENT MESSAGE

Thinking About Selling Your Store? DON'T!

Dear Retailer,

     Did you know that WHEN you sell your store with a Store Closing Sale it makes a huge impact on HOW MUCH you get ...

     ... that selling in the 4th quarter yields a price as much as 10% to 15% HIGHER - or EVEN MORE, depending on what kind of store you have ...

     ... and since costs are pretty much the same no matter when you sell, the difference in price is PURE MARGIN and can mean thousands or even tens of thousands of EXTRA DOLLARS in YOUR POCKET?

     I know what I'm talking about.  I'm Gary Wright.  My company is the premier retail sales consulting company in the country.  We've been conducting Store Closing Sales for independent retailers for almost 30 years.  Over that period, we've kept detailed records on thousands of sales for retailers of all types, in all parts of the country.

     A clear pattern emerged from all that data:  End-of-year sales yield by far the highest price and the fastest sale time. 

So if you're thinking about selling next year, the time to act is now.  By moving your timetable up just a couple of months, you'll have a faster sale and more cash.

Call 303-333-4453 or complete the short request form below and I'll send you my complimentary Store Closing Portfolio.

     "But," say many retailers, "I can generally turn a good profit at the end of the year.  Wouldn't it be better to conduct business as usual through the holidays and then liquidate after the first of the year?" 

     What a mistake!  It's a matter of simple math.  My team generally generates two, three or even four times normal sales volume (and sometimes more!)  If you're multiplying the sales volume of your biggest month, it stands to reason that you'll get more money.

"The program generated more than a year's worth of business in just 11.5 weeks.  As we mentioned before, the sale was a success."  G.A. Wright Clients Evelyn and Red Talley

     Please don't misunderstand. My team and I would be delighted to help you sell your store any time you're ready.  Still, if you're thinking about selling - and maximizing your return on investment is a priority for you - then I encourage you to act now.  Call us today at 303-333-4453 or complete the short request form below.  You'll receive extensive information with a detailed description of my program, case histories where you can see the results, references from past clients, and a client list.  We'll provide all the information you need.


                                                                  Gary A. Wright


P.S.  For a copy of my FREE brochure on 4th Quarter Sales, complete the form below or call 303-333-4453.  I'll have a confidential portfolio of information send to you immediately without cost or obligation.