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The Store Closing Sale DVD. NEW Videos!

 How to Sell Your Retail Store for the Highest Possible Price

Offer is for retail business owners only.

     "You can close a store quickly, safely, and for more money than you probably think is possible with a well planned and executed Store Closing Sale. The DVD I'll send shows why it's the best way to go. The G.A Wright Program also provides an exciting, yet honest and dignified way to close a store that both your employees and customers will appreciate. You'll see why on this DVD." ~ Gary A. Wright President G.A Wright.

See for yourself...

  • How my Store Closing Sale produces crowds of eager customers.
  • How every last piece of merchandise can be sold until a store is sold out to the bare walls.
  • The scientific methods we use to pinpoint customers who will buy everything in your store.
  • Secrets of advertising that pay huge dividends.
  • Retailers in their stores talking about their G.A Wright Store Closing Sales while in progress.

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