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Can you attract a crowd after Christmas? You bet you can! With G.A Wright you'll look like a retail genius!

How to Attract Crowds after Christmas

Most retail stores experience a big rush during  the Christmas selling season – your store is filled with shoppers caught up in a buying frenzy. They’re not as price sensitive as usual. Half the time, they don’t even care what they pay as long as they get it NOW. Then the holidays are over and there’s a let down. Blah weather, blah store traffic, blah sales.

What many retailers don’t know is there’s NOTHING MAGIC about Christmas. Sales are strong during the holidays because your customers are in the spending mood and they have a good reason to buy right away.

 If you know how, you can come close to duplicating that buying spirit. With the right sales promotion techniques, there’s NO REASON Christmas has to end!

 At G.A. Wright, we’ve discovered how to produce Christmas-type volume at ANY time of the year. Our scientific techniques have been tested and proven to work in hundreds of stores nationwide.

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