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How Much is Your Retail Business Worth

Some retailers think that selling their store to someone who will continue to operate the business is the best way to obtain the highest price. ... They’re wrong. ... Your business is very likely worth more than the highest price you could obtain by selling it to another retailer.

You probably agree that it’s possible to sell items individually at a higher price than can be obtained by selling those items in bulk. I can show you how to sell a retail business by selling each piece, from inventory ... to fixtures ... to office furniture and equipment, to the buyer who will pay the most. By conducting a professional store-closing sale, the inventory and other assets of a business can be sold for more than can be obtained any other way. 

Exclusive Offer For Retail Business Owners Only

Wouldn’t you like to know:

1. How much your store is worth?

2. How to sell your store for 100% cash?

3. How to receive a return that is higher than any legitimate offer you’ve ever received?

4. Why your reputation and goodwill can be sold for more than could be obtained in a sale of the business as a going concern?

5. How, with careful advance planning and preparation, your return can be significantly improved?

6. Why your location is worth more without your inventory and fixtures?

7. How to ensure that you don’t get stuck with leftover stock?

8. How to determine the best time for a sale?

9. How to determine the optimal length of a sale? If it’s too short, you’ll sacrifice margin. If it’s too long, your expenses will eliminate any profit.

10. The best way to sell your fixtures and equipment?

11. Why a professional sale will enhance your image in the community?

12. How to gain the complete support of your suppliers, creditors, and banker?

The Portfolio, “How to Sell a Store Quickly and Safely For the Highest Possible Price,” includes a description of my store closing program, case histories and references from past clients about how the program works and the returns they realized.

This extensive Portfolio of information and Special Report  "How Much is Your Retail Business Worth?" will be mailed to the address you provide without any cost or obligation. It will be sent to you personally to review in the privacy of your home or office marked “CONFIDENTAL For Addressee Only.”

“When the final numbers were calculated, I was pleased to see that we actually exceeded the original estimate.” G.A. Wright Client – Sandy Roesener

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