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New! Special Report on Store Closing Sales

Best Time to Close Your Store

 The Best Time to Close Your Store

And, How to Obtain the Highest Possible Prices For Inventory and Other Assets With a Store Closing Sale

New! Special Report.

Fill out form below to receive this report. * Offer for retail business owners only.

You can receive a packet of information that proves a store closing sale is the best way to sell the inventory and other assets of your store. Plus, you’ll get a special report that discusses the best time for a store closing sale. I’ve assembled some materials that have saved the financial future of many store owners and I’d like to give you this information now to insure you know what to do when your time comes to exit the retail business.

What You Receive in This Packet of Information

  • The Special Report, The Best Time to Close Your Store
  • Proof that the Store Closing Sale produces the highest cash return
  • An analysis of how stores are sold and expected returns from each method
  • A full description of my Store Closing Program
  • A DVD showing sales in progress and interviewing owners about their sales
  • An email link to videos showing very recent Store Closing Sales in progress
  • Case histories telling how it’s worked for other stores
  • Letters from other retailers talking about how sales went for them