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G.A. Wright specializes in High Impact Sales Promotion Programs directed by a Professional Retail Consultant.

Why Use Professional Services

Why Use Professional Sales Services

You are in a very competitive business.  Many retail businesses just survive while only a few actually make a profit.  Yet, there are retailers who pull in crowds of customers and ring up profitable sales increases year after year while surrounded by other retailers who struggle or even fail.

G.A. Wright spoecializes retail business marketing services that help retailers conduct professional high impact sales promotion events.  We have tested and perfected methods of maximizing results from a variety of different media and special sales promotion techniques.  Research into the methods of successful retail sales promotion and a wealth of experience with almost every type of retail business have allowed us to develop a high level of expertise in the process of attracting customers to stores and generating big increases in sales volume.

The professional sales services we provide can help your retail business gain the competitive edge that will allow you to grow and prosper.

We can show you:

  1. How to double or triple your retail sales volume and sustain that increase for an extended period of time.
  2. How to have customers lined up waiting for your store to open.
  3. How to create effective advertising which will stand out, produce excitement, and get customers into the stores with out ever revealing prices.
  4. How to get repeat customer visits.  Many of your customers can be motivated to return almost every day for weeks.  This allows you to build a long-term relationship that will pay off for years to come.
  5. A proven technique of selling those inventory items that no one seems to want.
  6. How to have your customers acting as the store's most effective advertisers.  They'll be returning with friends and relatives.
  7. How to concentrate traffic flow on certain days and create a buying frenzy during which customers buy because everyone else is buying.
  8. How to create a sense of urgency, which will cause customers to buy now rather than wait or check prices elsewhere.
  9. Merchandising techniques that will move customers through your store faster, exposing them to more merchandise and increasing sales per customer.
  10. An extremely effective technique for getting charge customers to pay off their store charge accounts.
  11. How to sustain traffic flow and build sales volume for an extended period of time.  Sales can normally be extended to solve a specific cash shortage problem or eliminate an overstock.  Very frequently the last day of a sale is the biggest volume day.
  12. How to become the dominant retail business in your market and bury your competition.
  13. How to make shopping an exciting, fun-filled experience for your customers which will enchance your store image and at the same time double or triple your sales.

"I found it interesting how the use of different media would create customer traffic that would stretch our capacity to the maximum to handle them."~Retail Sales - Boseman's Sporting Goods, Inc.

"The G.A. Wright program motivated hundreds of customers to return time and time again, many of them every single day we were open." ~G.A. Wright Client - Habicht & Habicht

"I saw items sold I couldn't believe would ever sell.  It's amazing."~ G.A. Wright Client - Nelms Hardware and Paint

"It was increasingly remarkable to be able to teach customers to come in at a specific time or day." ~G.A. Wright Client - Mitchell White

"One of the achievements has been to close down one of my major competitors!  We are now in a position of having captured the market and increased our share by at least 50%!" ~G.A. Wright Client - Builders World Limited

By paring with our professional sales services, we can show you many tricks of the trade that have created wealth in the retail business; secrets that most of your competitors, including many national chains, don't know.  These are methods and techniques that would take you years to learn in the normal course of business.  They're not contained in the texts on retailing and they're not taught in colleges and universities.

Educating our clients is an important part of the service we provide.  No secrets are kept.  We want you to know how to produce these results any time you have a reason to do so.  So why wait? Contact us today at 303-333-4453 to discover how our professional sales services at G.A. Wright can help you double or triple your retail sales volume!

"In the bargain, I received what must be the equivalent of a Master's Degree in retailing." ~G.A. Wright Client - American Dream Music