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Only after careful evaluation of a Client's Retail Business will the G.A. Wright Program be initiated along with our mutual confidence that a substantial return will result.

Obtaining the Best Results

How Our Senor Retail Sales Consultants Will Work With You

To achieve a sale event's best results, the first step is a store analysis and meeting with a Senior Retail Sales Consultant.  This normally takes a day and involves an inspection of inventory, location, store layout, merchandising, and financial information to include the previous 18-month’s sales figures.  From this information the senior consultant can usually make an estimate of sales that can be achieved, the best time to conduct a sale, how long it should last, and the various expenses involved. 

To support the decision-making process, and accomplish the sales event's best results, research is conducted to determine the demographic make-up of your store’s market area and which customers should be targeted for the sale. This information can be reviewed with you at the meeting. 

Once the decision is made to conduct a Professional Sale, preparation begins with advertising for the opening and assembly and shipping of point-of-purchase materials to be used in the store. 

A consultant will arrive at the store several days before the promotion opens to the public.  Immediate tasks for the consultant include: 

  • Meeting with you and your employees.
  • Surveying the competition.
  • Completing the planning process.
  • Interviewing available media.
  • Preparing advertising.
  • Re-merchandising.
  • Employee training.
  • Point-of-purchase layout.
  • Reviewing store security.
  • Pricing.

“The consultant diligently worked at maintaining traffic, sales volume and effective allocations of our advertising and selling expense, plus working well with my staff and kept interest rolling with my customers. He remained enthusiastic, energetic beyond belief and it was quite evident that the success of the sale was as important to him as it was to me.”~G.A. Wright Client — Strickland Limited Gifts

The promotion must open with a strong surge of traffic and sales at high profit margins.  Once the program has opened, the Senior Retail Sales Consultant will closely monitor sales and expenses.  Re-merchandising is an ongoing project if we are looking to attain a sales event's best results.  Each week, advertising will be prepared and placed.  Special events will be used regularly and will be integrated into the promotional plan. 

“It was incredible.  We did as much business in a day as we thought we were going to do in almost a month.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Fairchid Hardware 

Customers react in a predictable way to advertising and pricing decisions.  However, close monitoring is very important to be sure that sale momentum is maintained. 

“The most intriguing thing was the manner in which we were able to move through the items that we wanted to clear without taking additional markdowns.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Leonardo’s Jewelry, Inc. 

Building a relationship with customers is a principle focus of the sales promotion plan.  The process is very much like building personal relationships.  You start with meeting someone new.  Then, after multiple contacts, you get to know that person and form a friendship that becomes stronger with time. 

The Promotional Plan is designed to attract new customers to your store and keep those customers coming back again and again, creating a bond between the customer, the store, and your staff.  You can develop a large, secure, preferred customer base that will come back to shop for years to come.  Good customer relationships can also help insulate your store from the competition.

“It produced…a lot of cash over a period of time.  It introduced new customers, produced a lot of traffic, excitement.  It decimated  our competition…We’ve done this four times now…Each time it has done exactly what we’ve wanted it to do and more.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Outdoorsmen Marine and Sport Center 

A frequent shopper program will be used to enhance sales and provide incentives for customers to return and shop again. Special events add considerable sales for a very small expenditure in promotional funds.  However, special events must be planned carefully and integrated with others aspects of the sale.  The sale consultant will begin event planning early on to ensure these events contribute substantially to increased traffic and sales. 

The consultant will target those items that prove difficult to sell.  A combination of merchandising, pricing, and special incentives will be used to eliminate selected merchandise at the highest possible prices. 

“We were also able to eliminate the majority of our ‘seasonal’ inventory and virtually all the ‘old’ merchandise that has been carried over from past seasons, thereby generating a positive cash flow during a periodically slow sales time.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Anthony’s 

Security during a sale can be a problem unless careful planning is conducted and security is constantly monitored.  There are a number of actions the consultant can take to enhance security and reduce potential losses. 

A major strength of the G.A. Wright approach to sales promotion is the availability of a consultant who is there to monitor the progress of the promotion, to ensure everything is on track, and to address problems as they arise.  The consultant will recommend changes on a weekly basis to maximize the results of the program.

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