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Our past Clients do the best job of explaining why a retailer should consider the High Impact Sales Promotion Services of GA Wright.

Making the Right Decision

How To Be Sure You’re Making The Right Decision

To be sure you’re making the right decision about the G.A. Wright Program for sales event assistance, it may be very helpful to contact other retailers with stores like yours who are familiar with our approach.  We can send you letters of reference from past clients and can provide phone numbers of clients who will be willing to talk to you over the phone. 

“It is not often that you get more than you pay for, but I can say without reservation, that Champion Sports’ recent sales event far exceeded my expectations.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Champion Sports 

You may also be interested in our banking references.

“I have followed the progress of your company for almost two years and I have personally observed your work for one of this bank’s commercial customers.  I have been impressed with the professionalism of your firm and your ability to produce results.” ~G.A. Wright Client —Affiliated First National Bank 

How To Take The Next Step

If you contact our offices about our sales event assistance services, we’ll put you in touch with the Senior Sales Consultant who covers your part of the country to discuss your business situation.  There is no cost or obligation for calling our office or talking to a senior consultant over the phone. 

“I had the Retail Sales packet of information eight months before I finally made the call to a Senior Management Consultant.  During his visit, I was impressed by his professional manner in evaluating our business and his insightful questions, which helped us to reaffirm our own motivations and goals.  From that day on I knew we had made the right decision in using your firm to reach those goals …The sale has been an extraordinary success!” ~G.A. Wright Client — Jan Ev’s Fashions 

You will be the only person contacted for confidentiality reasons and we will call either your home or business office at your discretion.  The analysis of your business can be kept completely confidential with any meetings conducted outside the store, if desired. 

“When your Regional Representative first contacted us in regard to the sale, and as I met with him, I found it a little difficult to believe that you could run a sale for 6 1/2 weeks and still keep up the appropriate momentum . . . as well as sales . . . He assured me that it could happen . . . It has.” ~G.A. Wright Client — Village Sports Den Ltd. 

To develop a retail sales promotion plan, our senior sales consultant will need to inspect your inventory and location and will need access to the financial information and sales history of your store.  Market analysis will generally be done before the meeting. When the store analysis is complete, a detailed discussion can take place concerning your various options, whether or not you can benefit from sales event assistance, and the potential outcome of any course of action you may pursue. 

“The initial projection was very aggressive in my opinion, however, we hit the goal exactly.”~G.A. Wright Client —Page’s Outlet 

This initial meeting with a senior sales consultant will be conducted with no obligation on your part to proceed with our sales promotion program.  We want to be sure all your questions are answered and that you have all the information required to make a decision. 

What If A Retail Sales Promotion Plan Isn’t The Answer 

Sometimes a promotional sale isn’t the best way to proceed.  There are a variety of times or circumstances when a professional high impact promotion isn’t an appropriate form of sales event assistance as it wouldn't solve the problem it is expected to address.  In these cases the consultant we send may suggest other alternative courses of action which result from the store analysis. 

A Successful Program 

The success of a G.A. Wright Program depends upon careful planning and aggressive execution of the Sales Promotion Plan.  The reputation and financial history of the store, the quantity and quality of inventory, market environment, season, weather, and other such factors will also influence success. 

Particularly important is the cooperation of employees and management with the consultant.  While our client is never asked to relinquish control to the Consultant, it is strongly recommended that the Retail Sales Promotion Plan and the advice of the consultant be followed carefully. 

“The investment we have made in Retail Sales promotions has paid for itself over and over again . . . Our company’s sales have grown nearly 40% and our advertising expenditures have gone down 15%.   This has occurred while our profits have increased.”   ~G.A. Wright Client —Jack of Hearts