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Information Resources for Retailers

The following list of publications will allow you to access knowledge gained from years of experience with almost every type of retail business. These materials are for ongoing retail businesses interested in growing and improving the efficiency of their merchandising operations.

Special Reports 

How to Conduct a High Impact 4 Day Sales Event:  In this report you'll see step-by-step what you can do to produce more sales for your store in a short period of time than you've ever thought possible.  You learn all the secrets...what to do, and when to do it.  Included are all the crucial steps in the process of planning a Killer 4-Day Sale.  You'll be able to conduct high-impact sales events that generate amazing results just by following this easy to understand guide. 

How to Bury Your Competition:  You can prevail in the battle with your competitors whether they're national discount chains, category killers or local specialty stores.  This report shows how you can get started right now with proven techniques that will produce immediate results.  It will also show how to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that will attract customers, produce a big increase in sales and help you dominate your market. 

How to Advertise Your Retail Business:  You'll learn tested methods of advertising that you can begin using immediately.  He reveals seven secrets to making advertising work that few retailers know.  Also included is a step-by-step plan to create a long-term advertising program for your store. 

10 Strategies - To Pack Your Store with Paying Customers:  This report describes 10 proven ways to produce big increases in customer traffic and sales.  These are approaches you can begin using today, all on your own. 

Retail Trends - :  This special report tells you what to expect from the current recession and how it will affect your business.  You'll see what survival strategies you can pursue.  It will include specific steps you can take now to improve your position and protect your assets.  Plus, you'll learn about a big opportunity in the coming months that can make a huge difference if you are able to anticipate it and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

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