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Retail Store Promotion for Apparel Store

How to Conduct Promotional Sale for Men's & Women's Apparel Store

 Apparel Store Promotional Sales: 6 Tips for Men's and Women's Apparel Shops

You don't have to make huge markdowns in order to clear out old inventory. A successful promotional sale for apparel shops can help you clear out your back stock or seasonal inventory without excessive price cutting to clearance levels. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next men's or women's apparel store promotional sale.

1. Be Smart About Markdowns

Conventional wisdom says that big markdowns mean more sales. However, that isn't always true. Clients will often pay more for discounted items than retailers may initially believe. Preserve your margins by keeping prices just slightly below the competition.

2. Make Your Sale Known

Announce your sale via the normal advertising outlets. Also, use store signage to capture the attention of passersby’s and increase the impulse appeal of your promotional sale for apparel.

3. Secure Some Repeat Business

Incorporate your customer loyalty program into your sale to keep first-time customers coming back. Offer additional discounts on subsequent visits, store credits, or other perks that make it worthwhile for customers to come back when prices return to normal.

4. Use the Power of Social Media

Create shareable posts on your business's social media pages. Encourage followers to share the message by offering additional discounts to them and their friends. This is a great way to use word of mouth advertising to increase awareness of your promotional sale.

5. Involve the Community

While shoppers love a good deal, they also love the idea of giving back to their immediate community. Partner with a local charity organization and pledge to give them a percentage of your sales. In this way, you can increase sales of your older stock without lowering prices.

6. Get Expert Guidance

GA Wright offers apparel store promotional sale services that help retailers run more successful sales. Our step-by-step plans will help you sell more, increase repeat visits, and preserve your margins. Contact us for a personalized assessment of your business needs.

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