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In most cases sales of 2 to 3 times normal sales volume can be achieved.

How to Double or Triple Your Sales

You can obtain immediate and measurable increases in traffic and sales.The G.A. Wright High Impact Sales Promotion Program can attract a crowd of new customers, produce a big and sustained increase in sales volume, and help prepare a business for long-term improvements in both sales and profitability. 

Retail Sales Promotion and High Impact Sales Event

Sales that are between 2 and 3 times normal volume are possible for most stores.  And, this level of sales can generally be sustained for an extended period of time.  After a promotion is completed, a long-term increase is likely as a result of new customer traffic, higher visibility, and enhanced store image. 

Successful retailing depends on building relationships with customers.  A G.A. Wright Sales Promotion is designed to attract many new people to your store.  Then we keep these new customers coming back to shop regularly so you can develop a long-term relationship.  And, we show you effective techniques to nurture the relationship building process and keep your customers coming back for years to come. 

A High Impact Sales Promotion Event can be a very effective competitive tool.  It creates a great deal of visibility in a community, attracts many new customers, and pulls customers away from competitors. 

Cash flow problems can be solved fast.  All retail businesses face periodic problems caused by a changing economy or the difficulty in anticipating consumer demand and buying just the right merchandise.  Some of the stock purchased doesn’t sell, inventory becomes overstocked, and cash shortages develop.  These problems do not lend themselves to long-term solutions offered by traditional advertising methods.  They need to be addressed and solved immediately. At G.A. Wright we can help solve these problems and at the same time prepare a retail business to enhance sales and profitability in the future. 

“Our sales were over the initial projection even during the economic recession. … This promotion taught us by employing professional help, you can get professional results.”  G.A. Wright Client – Ludwigson Jewelers 

Significant events in the life of a store are appropriate times for a major promotional effort.  Opening a new store, moving to a new location, remodeling, introducing a new line or new seasonal merchandise, or closing a store are all times to consider a high impact sales promotion. 

A Sales Promotion Event can be effective for almost any retail store.  Exceptional results have been obtained for all store sizes.

G.A. Wright techniques are tailored to the store and its surrounding community.  The results in a small rural town can be as good as those in a large metropolitan area. 

Benefits of a Professional High Impact Retail Sales Program

Retailers are devoting an ever increasing percentage of their budgets to sales promotion as opposed to traditional advertising.  In many cases, top retail firms are allocating 40% to 50% of their advertising budgets to sales promotion. 

There are a variety of reasons for conducting a sales promotion.  The G.A. Wright Sales Promotion Program is tailored to fulfill the requirements and needs of each individual retail client. 

The following objectives can be reached with a Professional Promotion:

  • A substantial increase in cash flow for a specific period of time.
  • Increased customer traffic.
  • Expansion in the size of the store’s market area.
  • Enhanced store image. 

 “We are a very old and established business.  Our clientele is basically made up of what is considered a better grade of customer.  We were very apprehensive of our image.  Much to our surprise and delight, they loved it . . . It was unbelievable!”  G.A. Wright Client – W. B. Wilcox Co.

  • Customer awareness of changes such as remodeling, moving to another location or opening a new store.
  • Eliminated overstocks and balanced inventories.
  • Improved turnover rate.
  • Sustained increases in long-term business.