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How to produce big increases in sales volume, attract crowds of new customers, and unlock the hidden potential in your retail business.

High Impact Sale Promotion Overview

High Impact Sales Promotion Techniques That Will Accelerate Your Retail Business

Do you want to attract big crowds to your business? The High Impact Sales Promotion Programs provided by G.A. Wright Sales are just what you're looking for to drive traffic to your retail location.

"We were amazed with the continued volume and customer traffic after the first few days. This trend in the sales continued up to the very last day." G.A. Wright Client- Lerch & Daly

How To Double or Triple Your Sales

Sales volumes of twice or even three times what is normal are possible for almost any store. How? A sales promotion event tailored to your store and your community.

A successful sales promotion can:

    • Increase cash flow for a specific period of time
    • Enhance the image of your store
    • Expand the store's market area
    • Increase customer traffic

 Why Use Professional Services?

Putting your promotion in the hands of experienced professionals is a smart idea. G.A. Wright has perfected techniques to create the best sales promotions possible. We know exactly what works and what doesn't for your retail business. 

 Marketing Support

When you use a professional promotional service for your business, you get a lot of marketing perks.

These include:

    • Sales promotion planning
    • Promotion Management
    • Marketing support
    • Public relations
    • Employee training
    • Special Events

 Obtaining The Best Results

For an incredible sales promotion event, the first step is to analyze everything about your store including inventory, store layout, merchandising, location, and financial information. A consultant also comes to help manage and supervise the execution of the sale. 

Making The Right Decision

If you're on the fence about having a sales promotion event at your retail location, check out these store promotion sales case histories. They show exactly how much these stores benefited and profited from their promotions.
Get measurable increases in traffic and sales with the G.A. Wright’s High Impact Sales Promotion Program. We will help you obtain exceptional results for your retail business. Contact us to get more details on all of the above techniques.

"In the bargain, I received what must be the equivalent of a Master's Degree in Retailing." G.A Wright Client- American Dream Music