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These quotes come from letters sent to us by our sales promotion clients.

G.A. Wright Client Reviews

Opening Day

“Our sale started out with a bang! People were waiting at the door for us to open and our store remained full of customers all day long.” ~G.A. Wright Client – Main Street Music 


“I wanted to let you know that not only am I pleased with the financial results, but also with the professionalism and smoothness with which it was conducted… Not only did we see first-time shoppers but the weekly traffic necessary to move a large quantity of merchandise and generate the high volume dollars that we needed were there every week.”~G.A. Wright Client – Piet’s True Value Hardware Store 

The Competition

“The most astounding thing about these figures is that while all the other furniture stores in the area are experiencing substantial losses, I am coming close to doubling my business over last year.”~G.A. Wright Client – Shelton’s Furniture and Appliances 


“The marketing strategy used during the sale emphasized minimum discounts thus holding gross profit quite high and stable through the duration of the sale.”~G.A. Wright Client – Paint Warehouse 

Old Merchandise

“We have been surprised and amazed at how, with your program, we have sold merchandise that has been around a very long time. We couldn’t move it no matter what we did!”~G.A. Wright Client – The R.W. Isaacs Hardware Co. 

Accounts Receivable

“Your marketing techniques, the weekly letters, newspaper ads, and especially the contest all have contributed to our sales success …It also has helped us collect a large amount of capital owed to us by our in-house charging customers.” ~G.A. Wright Client – DuBose Jewelers 

The Consultant

“Your consultant was not only the hardest working person I’ve come across in a long time, but each day he proved the value of under-promise, over-deliver.”~G.A. Wright Client – Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport 


“Signage had a huge impact! Very important, a big draw from the outside. It really changed my mind about signing.”~G.A. Wright Client – Coogan Clothiers 

Powerful Tools

“The techniques and knowledge that I will take away from this experience represent basic yet powerful tools which no independent business should be without...It is a pleasure to work with a company that delivers what they advertise, and delivers in such a way as to educate as well as perform.”~G.A. Wright Client – McLeskey-Todd Drug Co. 


“The advertising mediums used (i.e., direct mail ads which were placed in our weekly community newspaper) were most effective. In fact, I would have had a hard time believing the numbers of people drawn to the store had I not been here to witness the event.”~G.A. Wright Client – Meier Co. Ltd. 


“Our sale was run in July and August, which are normally the slowest months of the year, and sales for these months exceeded November and December which are always our top months.”~G.A. Wright Client – Unfinished Furniture 

The Economy

“In spite of snow beyond belief, against very poor economic conditions, plus a continuing Northeast regional downward business trend, this promotion has performed a minor miracle …The most amazing point in my mind is the power of a promotion to sell merchandise in quantity at far less discount than we have been giving in the last year or more.”~G.A. Wright Client – 7East