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Hear our clients talk about their Store Closing Sale and the results they achieved.

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Retail Store Closing Videos


Founded by Gary Wright many years ago, G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. helps retail businesses close their doors in the best way possible. We don’t buy inventory in bulk and then sell it to third parties; we help store owners draw large crowds before they close, generating good will and repeat customers with our unique sales events and powerful store closing programs. Our special events help clear out a store’s inventory and assets, maintaining higher profitability than any other method of closing a retail store. 

As you’ll see by watching our retail store closing videos, we use several methods before beginning the process of closing a retail store to ensure that our customers will enjoy an effective and profitable store closing sale. These winning strategies include in depth market analysis, planning, fully integrated online and off line advertising, direct marketing, media relations, and special events to spread the word far and wide prior to a business closing its doors. Our going out of business sales produce a higher cash return than any other method of closing a store and can usually be accomplished in less than 60 days.

Most retail store owners know their customer base very well but may not be knowledgeable of the most effective marketing techniques to use when closing their store. As John Livingston tells us, marketing was not his greatest strength. When John came to G.A. Wright, the ideas put forward to help him close his bookstore in California were ones he says he never would have thought of on his own. John was pleasantly surprised with the results!

The first day of his store closing sale John saw a line of customers that stretched around the block. His store did 15x the normal business the first day of his sale and continued near this level every day for the next few weeks. John had a buying frenzy on his hands, even though prices weren’t slashed; he thought a 50% or more discount would be necessary, but just a 20% discount saw books flying off the shelves.