Inventory Liquidation Company News - G.A. Wright Sales
G.A. Wright Sales Promotions and Store Closing Sales are frequently featured in the media.


Delind Art Gallery Closing- Press Coverage
April 2, 2015

Many G.A wright Sales draw so much attention, the local news stations will cover the Sale Event. This is one of our most recent sales at Delind Art Gallery in Wisconsin. News article by NBC affiliate TMJ channel 4.


Press Coverage for a Bridal Store Retirement Sale
January 12, 2015

Local media coverage for a bridal store closing sale conducted by G.A Wright.

Please CLICK HERE to watch this video (link will take you to ABC News of Woonsocket RI)



News Coverage of G.A. Wright Bike Store Closing Sale
August 7, 2014

Many G.A Wright Clients get so much attention during their  Store Closing Sales Events, local media will often cover their story for live broadcast.

Please CLICK HERE to watch video. (This link will take you to NBC WHAG news Channel MD) 





Book Store Closing Sale
February 27, 2014


J.O.Y. Bookstore in South Heidelberg Township to close:

CLICK HERE for News Article

Quilt Store Retirement Sale
February 4, 2014

Article from Derby Informer  about Quilt Store Closing Sale: CLICK HERE

Press Coverage for G.A Wright Store Closing Sale
November 15, 2013

The opening day of the Store Closing Sale at Norman's was recently covered by the local media in Bay City MI.

Please watch this video which shows a G.A Wright Store Closing Sale in progress.

CLICK HERE to go to Video coverage of Norman's Store Closing Sale



Fabric Store Closing Video
December 1, 2010

Fabric Store owner talks about the overwhelming success of thier Store Closing Sale event with G.A. Wright. This store closed two weeks early and sold everything including fixtures!

Home Renovation Retail Store Owner Speaks to ABC about G.A Wright Store Closing Sales Event
November 9, 2010

Local ABC station interviews Caldwells Classic Collections about using thier Store Closing Sale and using the services of G. A Wright Sales Inc.

Interior Home Decor Store Owner Speaks out about Store Closing Sale with G.A. Wright
October 7, 2010

Watch a G.A. Wright Retail Home Interior Business Owner as he reveals how he employed G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. to run a successful Store Closing Sale. Visit or call 303-333-4453 for more information.

Retail Shoe Store Owner Speaks About the Services of G.A. Wright
July 1, 2010

Watch a G.A. Wright Retail Shoe Business Owner as she reveals how she employed G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. to run a successful High-Impact Retail Sale for her shoe store. 

West Coast Furniture Gallery Closing Its Doors
March 1, 2010

SEBRING - Millie Havlock jokingly calls it "The Retirement Sale." The owner of West Coast Furniture Gallery is closing the store after 21 years in Sebring. "It's time; I'm ready," she said Wednesday. "The furniture business is not what it was 10 years ago."

Shuttered: Every Closing Has a Story
July 16, 2009

No one will fail to figure out what’s going on at the World of Music. “Closing.” “Fantastic Prices.” “Huge Sale.” The oversized signs in pink and green hang outside and throughout the store, where a liquidation consultant sits by the front door presiding over the going-out-of-business sale.