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How to Liquidate a Bridal Store

How to Liquidate a Bridal Store

See a Store Closing Sale at Camarillo Bridal.  The owner, Pam Henderson, talks about the results she achieved using G.A.Wright to help conduct a professional Retirement Sale. Hear how G.A Wright can work with specialty and niche retailers to sell down to the bare walls! To determine if a Professional Sale makes sense for your retail store, it's generally helpful to receive more detailed information about G.A. Wright that can be sent via mail or email and will include case histories, letters of reference from past clients and an explanation of how we work with retail businesses. 

How to liquidate a Bridal Store<br>

When it came time for Camarillo Bridal owner Pam Henderson to close her store, she called upon GA Wright for her bridal store liquidation. While she knew how to sell bridal gowns, she said, she really didn't know how to go out of business.

There comes a time when everyone needs to close up shop for one reason or another, whether it's time to retire, the economy makes it too difficult to stay open, or it is just time to move on to something else. Don’t stress about how to liquidate a bridal store, contact G.A. Wright today for help!

Why Pam Chose GA Wright

Camarillo Bridal had grown from a small shop when it opened 15 years ago, to more than 7,000 square-feet of bridal gowns and accessories. They had a "massive" inventory of gowns, Pam said.

She always ran her shop with high standards and ethics, and she wanted to go out the same way, but she didn't know how to do it. That's one of the reasons she chose GA Wright for her bridal store liquidation.

"I can sell any dresses," she said, "but I didn't really know how to sell the whole inventory."

"GA Wright was very professional," she added. "The kind of professionalism we demanded for our clientele and our store." Finding the right company to help you understand how to liquidate a bridal store is essential in ensuring your company closes the right way. Find out Pam’s experience went.

How Did the Bridal Store Liquidation Sale Go?

Near the end of the sale, Pam said, "our sale has been awesome!" With a line outside the doors, she commented that the store hadn't seen a line since its grand opening. The first weekend of the closing sale was the biggest weekend in the history of the store.

"Every week there was something fun and new," she said. "It was fun for the staff; it was fun for the customers", some of whom came into the store every day to see what was new. They also brought in their friends.

"Bridal is its own beast," Pam said. She was worried about customers who had orders for their upcoming weddings seeing she was closing. She didn't want them to worry. With a lot of experience in bridal boutiques, GA Wright's consultant offered many ways to help and guide Pam on how to liquidate a bridal store in a timely fashion.

Don't Try to Liquidate Your Bridal Store on Your Own

Pam highly recommends using a bridal store liquidation consultant, especially those that work through GA Wright.

"You might know your business, but you probably don't know how to liquidate, and how to close and sell all of your inventory," she said.

If you are considering closing out your bridal store or any other form of retail business, contact GA Wright's professional team. We have decades of experience in retail and know how to help you get the most out of your liquidation and answer your questions on how to liquidate a bridal store.


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