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See how to sell inventory for a hunting and sporting goods equipment store.

How to Close a Hunting & Sporting Goods Store

How to Close a Hunting & Sporting Goods Store

No one goes into business thinking about how they may someday exit, but that day eventually comes for everyone. You have customers who have been coming in for years. If you have owned and managed a hunting and sporting goods store, you have shared stories with many of those customers who have become friends. Choosing to close your hunting and sporting goods store is no easy decision, but you don't have to, and shouldn't, do it alone.

When it is Time to Liquidate

If you are ready to retire and enjoy your hobbies, then it is time to liquidate - something that you will require expert advice. While you have been in retail sales for many years, a liquidation is something different, and G.A. Wright has the expertise and experience to guide you through it while getting the most out of the inventory you've invested in all of these years.

After spending time on the phone with you discussing your store, a team member will travel to your location and evaluate the store while sharing the method we have used for hundreds of successful retail store liquidations through the years. When you decide to hire us to help close your hunting and sporting goods store, we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work.


How a G.A. Wright Liquidation Works

Some of your stock may be outdated and yet other products, you may have accumulated in abundance. That's okay. Your G.A. Wright specialist will go through your entire inventory, line by line, evaluating what there is and how to move it at the best price. We will plan out just how your closing sale should go. With vast experience, we will plan and arrange all of the sale marketing and advertising.

To liquidate a hunting and sporting goods store, it will take a few weeks, or longer, depending upon the extent of the inventory. Your product will all be sold including your display cases and other fixtures, if you so desire. We make it as easy as possible and help every step of the way. You will be happy with the result and at peace with your decision to close with the help of G.A. Wright. Check out our testimonials and give us a call today. Let's get you started on the next step in your life.


See a Store Closing Sale at Chico’s Sportsman’s Den.

The owner, Dave Ebright, talks about the results he achieved using G.A. Wright to help conduct a professional Going Out of Business Sale.

G.A. Wright works with retailers large and small in all 50 States. To determine if a Professional Sale makes sense for your retail store, it's generally helpful to receive more detailed information about G.A. Wright that can be sent via mail or email and will include case histories, letters of reference from past clients and an explanation of how we work with retail businesses. To receive this information fill out form below.

Best way to Close a Sporting Goods Store


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