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Frequently Asked Questions

Liquidation Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How do I receive more information?

A:  If you go to our Request Form and fill it out, we will send you additional information to include a description of our programs, case histories and letters of reference from stores like yours.  You may also want to have one of our Senior Consultants visit your store, analyze your business, provide you with various options and specific recommendations and answer any of your questions.  You can talk to one of our Senior Consultants by calling our office at 303-333-4453.  TThere is no cost or obligation for discussing these issues on the phone or scroll below and read through our liquidation frequently asked questions.


Q:  Why do I need to provide you with all of the information you request?

A:  This will help ensure you receive information that is most relevant to the type and size of your store and that you can benefit from our services. Privacy Policy: We will never sell or distribute any private information to third party list providers or vendors. All fulfillment packets mailed to a store location are sent in a first class enveleope marked confidential to business owner. 


Q:  Will your company buy my retail store?

A:  No, our retail liquidation approach to selling a store is to sell all inventory, fixtures, furniture and equipment with a Store Closing Sale designed to produce 100% cash and a higher return than any other method of selling a retail business.


Q:  Why don’t you quote prices for your services on the website or display prices on this liquidation frequently asked questions page?

A:  To determine what we are able to accomplish for our clients generally requires a detailed analysis of a store’s location, customers, inventory, advertising, historical financial results and sales history.  Once we can make this analysis it is possible to provide an estimate of the results we can achieve and the various expenses involved.  We will do the necessary analysis without cost for our time or any obligation to employ our services.


Q:  With the poor economy will consumers shop a sale and spend money?

A:  We are actually seeing an upturn in response to our sales as worried consumers are looking for bargains they wouldn’t be concerned with during normal times.  As our retail liquidation processes have been providing assistance, consumers have been flocking to our sales and we have offered additional incentives to spend money once they enter through the door. 


Q:  Is better to sell a store as a going business rather than close it with a professional sale?

A:  No, a professional store closing sale will almost always generate a better cash return-on-investment than trying to sell the store, even if it is a very profitable operation.  For a complete explanation please view The Store Closing Sale section of our website or scroll through the rest of our liquidation frequently asked questions on this page.


Q:  Is it better to sell down the inventory and then bring in G.A. Wright to close the store?

A:  No, the most successful way of conducting a retail liquidation store closing sale is to maintain inventory levels and operate the business as if it will continue in business forever right up until the day a professional sale opens.  Our consultant can tell you how best to prepare for a sale as well as answer any other frequently asked common questions you may have.


Q:  If I hire G.A. Wright do I lose control of the store to the consultant who comes to manage the sale?

A:  The consultant referred by G.A. Wright will work for you and you will have the ultimate control over every decision that’s made.  Of course we recommend that you follow the advice of the consultant carefully to achieve the best results.


Q:  Will a consultant produce enough extra revenue over and above what a store owner can do on their own to make hiring a consultant worthwhile?

A:  It is almost impossible for a store owner to conduct a successful store closing sale without the help of an experienced outside consultant.  It is completely different than operating a retail business as usual.  There’s only one chance to get it right.  A small mistake often costs the entire fee of the consultant on opening day alone.  Owners that have had us close their stores in the past will hire us again for retail liquidation services because they see how successful we are and know how hard it is without experienced help.  Contact us today or read through this page further about our liquidation frequently asked questions.


Q:  Is there a stigma of failure attached to closing a store that will hurt my reputation in the community?

A:  A G.A. Wright Store Closing sale is a major event in the community.  It is fun and exciting for employees and customers.  It generates huge store traffic and cash flow.  It is a way for store owners to go out on top, pay their creditors and reward their customers.  It is completely ethical and can leave owners with a great reputation in the community.


Q:  What if I have a high level of debt?

Q:  We have solutions to many problems that most owners have never considered.  Excessive debt can often be reduced, eliminated or restructured even for stores who are staying in business.


Q:  What if my landlord won’t work with me?

A:  We will suggest ways of working with your landlord that can bring them to the negotiating table.  Landlords and leases are not generally the problem they appear to be at first.


Q:  How do I know G.A. Wright is the right company for my store?

A:  The best way to determine if G.A. Wright is the company to hire is to receive and read all of our information. Utilize the answers in our liquidation frequently asked questions and check our background and references to see what others have to say.  Then request a meeting with one of my Senior Consultants and get to know us better. I’m confident you’ll come to the conclusion that we’ll look out for your best interests and help you achieve your goals.


 If you haven’t found the answer you were looking for on this liquidation frequently asked questions page, contact G.A. Wright today for help.