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G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. is not a typical retail liquidation help company.

Founded by Gary Wright many years ago to help retail businesses close their doors by providing expert liquidation assistance, G.A. Wright doesn’t buy inventory in bulk and sell it by the pallet to third parties. We help store owners get throngs of customers with our effective store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events. Our special sales and events generate sales, good experiences for both the customer and the store owner as well as help clear out store inventory and assets to the bare walls, garnering larger profit margins than the store owners expect.

Our retail liquidation help supports companies far and wide prior to a business closing its doors.  We use market analysis, planning, fully integrated online, offline advertising, direct marketing, media relations, and special events to spread the word far and wide prior to a business closing its doors. By using the combination of these elements – high impact advertising, marketing support services, merchandising, store operations and sales it allows our customers to enjoy a good store closing experience.

During our many years in business, G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. has served retailers across the United States and in seven countries looking for the best way to clear out their stores for the highest cash price. Our going out of business sales events produce a higher cash return than any other method and can usually be accomplished in less than 60 days.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about our liquidation assistance services.

As part of our retail liquidation help and services, G.A.Wright has a mapping system that targets our client’s prospective customers, helping them reach their local market and generate foot traffic during the store closing sale. Our home office in Denver provides advertising design services and copy for media, direct mail, point-of-sale materials, and a frequent shopper program, supplied through dedicated vendors.

At G.A. Wright Sales, Inc., we know what works in advertising and what doesn’t, and we apply this knowledge to each inventory liquidation sales event. When you need expert closeout liquidation assistance, contact us for retail liquidation help. Call us today!