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Helping retailers conduct High Impact Sales Promotion Events and Store Closing Sales.

About G.A. Wright

Closeout Liquidation Consultant Experts

G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. is a closeout liquidation company that was founded by Gary Wright to assist retail businesses closing their doors with effective store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events.

The company has expertise in:

• market analysis
• planning
• fully integrated online and off line advertising
• sales promotion
• direct marketing
• media relations
• and special events

When retailers need assistance in closing their stores, G.A. Wright store closing sales are the best way to liquidate inventory. G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. has served retail clients throughout the United States and in seven countries from its central office location in Denver, Colorado. Retailers looking for the best way to sell the inventory and assets of their stores for the highest cash price are turning to G.A. Wright and getting results they never thought possible. That’s because G.A. Wright inventory liquidation sales are the ultimate in retail store closing sale events.

Our going out of business sales events are unique in the industry in that they:

  • consistently produce a higher cash return than any competing method
  • effectively move the store’s inventory and other assets
  • generate predictable results
  • can usually be accomplished in less than 60 days
  • far exceed our clients’ expectations

Whereas typical liquidation companies will buy inventory in bulk and sell it by the pallet to third parties, G.A. Wright does business differently. We refer professional independent liquidation consultants who work directly for our clients on site to assist them in the planning, implementation, and management of our store closing and retail sales promotion events. G.A. Wright goes into the retail store locations and provides boots-on-the-ground assistance with subcontracted workers and consultants to help sell out store inventory with sales that draw huge crowds and generate huge income.

Although G.A. Wright can produce advertising that lines up customers at the front door, it is necessary to get those customers through the merchandise, make the sale and then collect payment at the cash register. It is the integration of high impact advertising, marketing support services, merchandising, store operations and sales that make the G.A. Wright program so successful at producing results for our clients.

Marketing Support

To provide target market research for clients’ stores, G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. takes advantage of our access to a wide variety of data resources that can provide demographic information for almost any market. A mapping system allows precise geographic targeting of our client’s prospective customers, allowing our clients to reach their local market and generate the necessary foot traffic during the store closing sale.

Advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, point-of-sale materials, and a frequent shopper program are provided by our Denver headquarters and supplied to our clients through a number of dedicated vendors.

At G.A. Wright Sales, Inc., we do in depth market research and compile a great deal of data concerning what works in advertising and what doesn’t, then we take that information and apply it when designing an inventory liquidation sales event. The strength of the program we recommend to our clients is based upon tried and tested methods that produce consistent results when applied properly.

Other Services 

We’ve been in this business for many years and have developed a number of close working relationships with other resources that provide services vital to retail companies. When we identify a special need that we don’t fulfill directly, we have the resources to refer our clients to our associates for the special expertise they need.

Examples of the types of services we routinely refer to our clients include:

  • inventory management reporting
  • lease negotiation
  • debt reduction
  • restructuring

When retailers want the best closeout liquidation company, they call G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. at 303-333-4453 for proven, predictable results.