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The Case History and Video below show how a Professional Store Closing Sale can produce exceptional results for a specialty retailer!

Western Wear Store Closing


The owner of this speciality apparel store, Dave Huddleston, wanted to sell the inventory and other assets of his store for the highest possible price and retire. He had been unable to sell the business as a going concern and decided to conduct a Professional Store Closing Sale. He was not confident in his ability to sell all inventory and fixtures on his own. After doing three successful High Impact Sales Events with G.A Wright he had confidence G.A Wright could help him achieve his objectives with a Professional Store Closing Sale.

The Store Closing Sale

The first day of the sale attracted long lines of customers and a huge volume of sales. Sales far exceeded anything the store had ever experienced. However, preparations directed by a  G.A Wright Consultant ensured the store was ready and able to process the sales. It's one thing to attract customers and another to ensure they're exposed to the merchandise, find the items they want to purchase and the sale is completed at the cash register.  Repeat traffic and sales volume remained high for the duration of the sale with many customers returning daily for weeks. The Store Closing Sale was very effective at reaching Dave's objectives.

Comments by  the owner of BC Corral, Dave Huddleston

“I had been trying to sell my store for the past two years with no luck. In the economy that we are in now it is almost impossible to get a commercial loan to buy a business. We are now near the end of our Store Closing Sale and we will have realized a much bigger return in sales than the best offer made to my business.”

“The overall plan created a buying frenzy, excitement and a fun time for both the customers and my staff” …What is really amazing to me is that the program is able to sustain the momentum for the entire length of the sale.”

GA Wright Western Wear Store Closing Testimonial

GA Wright Western Wear Store Closing TestimonialGA Wright Western Wear Store Closing TestimonialGA Wright Western Wear Store Closing Testimonial

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