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Waterville True Value

Dear Mr. Wright, 

Several years ago we decided to close one of our hardware stores. We believed we could do this without outside help so we proceeded with the sale. This didn't prove to be a good decision on our part. The best merchandise sold out and we were left with alot of hard to move merchandise and store fixtures. After several months of this we ended the sale and moved the remaining merchandise and fixtures to other stores. 
Because we didn't want to go through this again, we decided to contract your company to hold a Going Out Of Business sale in our Waterville True Value. This turned out to be a very good decision and we are pleased with the results. 

It was hard to believe how the prize contest kept the people returning day after day. It helped sell merchandise that had proven very hard to sell in the past and is a major contributor to the success of the sale. 

The consultant assigned to our sale was professional, straight forward in his answers to all of our questions and worked well with us. He tried to handle the sale as if it was most important to get as much return as possible and still clearout the store. And he kept the cost within the budget we'd agreed on. 

We only wish that we had used G.A. Wright before. We would certainly recommend G.A. Wright and caution anyone thinking about a store closing to not try it themselves. Contact G.A. Wright. 


Paul Kelley