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G.A Wright has experience in conducting Sales Promotions for Army & Navy Surplus Stores with old and new merchandise.

Surplus Store Promotion Sale - Case History


Pat Long, owner of Factory Surplus in Glenwood Springs, CO just completed his second Sales Promotion Event using the services of G.A Wright. The company has been in business for 35 years.  Over time a considerable quantity of old merchandise accumulated. The inventory consists of fishing and hunting equipment, outdoor sporting goods, hardware and other surplus items. Pat sought the services of G.A Wright to put together an effective marketing program that would drive traffic and reduce inventory in a tough economy. 

The Promotional Sale

During his first sale with G.A Wright Pat conducted a Wall-to-Wall inventory reduction sale to reduce overstock inventory from previous seasons. On the first day sales were up 100% over the previous selling season. Customers came back daily with friends and purchased multiple items during the sale. Sales numbers were consistent on a weekly basis and the goal to sell out of old inventory was achieved.  Pat’s most recent sale started in September and lasted a little over 6 weeks. G.A Wright was retained to conduct a Pre-season Promotional Sale to help create awareness in a slow economy, attract new customers and liquidate specific merchandise that didn’t sell in the previous seasons. Similar to the first event, on the first day, people were lined up around the building waiting to get in and buy. Each day new customers came in and a high sales volume was sustained throughout the event. Pat was happy that he was able to control the profit margin. The employees, although tentative at first, really enjoyed the event and look forward to another G.A Wright sale.

Comments by owner

“During the promotion, daily sales were consistently up almost 100% over what they would have been for that period. …This was fantastic considering we are operating in a town that has been hit very hard by the recent economic downturn. …We believe that we have attracted a new customer base to the store at a time when it seemed impossible.”

“The G.A Wright Sale increased our customer traffic dramatically. …First day of the sale we had a line outside the front door. … We had our biggest revenue sales day ever.”

“This sale has surpassed the estimates that G.A Wright gave us and surpassed my estimates as well.”…We were able to maintain high profit margins in the area of the store where we wanted to maintain them, and we were able to turn a lot of merchandise at the same time.”

GA Wright Surplus Store Promotion Sale

GA Wright Surplus Store Promotion SaleGA Wright Surplus Store Promotion SaleGA Wright Surplus Store Promotion SaleGA Wright Surplus Store Promotion Sale