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Sewing Supply and Notions Retail Store Closing Sale

Sewing Supply Store Closing Sale

When a sewing supply store decides to close its doors, the G.A. Wright Sales team of professional consultants can ensure that the store’s closing sale is a phenomenal success. G.A. Wright has years of experience helping retail stores close their doors successfully, liquidating their store inventory, fixtures, and other assets – sometimes down to the bare walls – and at a higher rate of return than any other method. G.A. Wright’s effective retail store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events are extremely powerful because they combine the strength of several key elements to generate remarkable results.

These elements include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Proper Planning
  • Laser Focused Direct Marketing
  • Fully Integrated Online and Off-Line Advertising
  • Effective Sales Promotions
  • Powerful Media Relations
  • Dynamic Special Events

Retail stores close their doors for a multitude of different reasons such as an unfriendly economy, owner retirement, store relocation, shifting market trends, and more. When these stores need help closing their doors, G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. steps in with proven store closing strategies that not only help retail store owners sell their store inventory, fixtures, and assets for the highest cash price, but do so in record time.

As professional retail store liquidation consultants, G.A. Wright has the experience necessary to generate results for our clients that consistently exceed their expectations. Our professional consultants work with our clients on site to assist them in the planning, implementation, and management of store closing and retail sales promotion events. These consultants are sensitive to the client’s needs, understand their customer base, and know how to produce the kind of results that help the store maintain healthy margins during the store closing process. The consultants help the client clear the store’s inventory, fixtures, and assets with powerful, proven marketing strategies that result in huge sales events, drawing large crowds and generating repeat customers.

The G.A. Wright retail store closing system helps generate impressive cash flow for store owners during the store closing process and gets results that make our clients happy by integrating:

  • high impact advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, and point-of-sale materials
  • frequent shopper program
  • marketing support services
  • merchandising
  • store operations
  • and sales

When retail store owners are looking for the best way to sell their stores, they turn to G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. for help. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with the ease of our store closing sale process and the results they receive with the help of G.A. Wright Sales, Inc.

Contact us today if you’re considering closing the doors to your sewing supply store and want to make the process as profitable and painless as possible. We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers.

See video of a Store Closing Sale for Make It Sew, a sewing supply retailer. The owner, Bob Juenemann talks about why he retained the services of G.A Wright and the results he achieved.

How to close a Sewing Supply Store

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