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Outdoorsmen Marine & Sport Center

Dear Gary, 

We knew that we needed to do something to revive our business. We remembered our previous successes with your company and hoped that, by contracting for another promotion, we were not going to the well once too often. 
The results were truly amazing! We not only got back to our 1995 level, but almost to our banner year of 1994. We discussed our specific needs with your consultant, and he not only brought the customers in for those areas, but created the environment for total excitement in the store. 

Our small boat inventory turned 2 1/2 times in this eight week period, and the cash flow was very welcome. The add-on sales have created stock turns we have not seen in a long time. 

Merchandise that was just sitting on the shelves is now gone. The tent sale and the "Big Garage" sale sold skiwear and ski packages like crazy. The temperature was 88° both times. 

We can now bring in fast moving goods in line with the inventory program our consultant is setting up. The power of this promotion can be judged by over 1,000 new customers for our mailing and the new acceptance we have received. This was our fourth promotion with you and the whole program simply works, and works, and works. 

We have recommended your company for its integrity and proven performance over the years and this feeling is even more reinforced by our results. 

The hard work and dedication of your consultant, plus his know-how, make it even easier to answer those prospects who call us for our opinion and feelings about G.A. Wright. 

Keep up the good work.