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Net 'n Turf

Dear Mr. Wright, 

We've just completed a very successful G.A. Wright Sale and I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results.

We have done over $165,000 in total gross sales, exceeding our projection and more than three times our sales for the comparable period of a year ago. As a ski shop our business is highly seasonal, but instead of the usual warm weather business collapse, our G.A. Wright Sale actually gained momentum in the spring and resulted in the best February and March sales ever! We received many positive comments from new and old customers alike who enjoyed the sale and exciting Prize Contest. Many of our 750 contestants came back into the store day after day with letters in hand and continue to make new purchases. 

The advertising program initiated by our consultant was extremely creative and effective at bringing customers into the store. The Contest, in conjunction with the weekly letters proved to be the most important factor in our sales success. The Contest even made it possible to move many items of old merchandise that we had not been able to sell in the past. 
I appreciate the effort of your consultant in developing and implementing the entire event. He managed to keep me under the agreed upon 7 1/2% advertising budget, and he personally handled all of the details of advertising, pricing, and merchandising. 

Through your help I have established an excellent mailing list representing more than a thousand customers. Needless to say I couldn't possibly have accomplished all of this on my own. In closing Gary, I'm very pleased with my decision to use G.A. Wright and I will strongly recommend your services to any other retailer. Thank you Gary for everything that you, your company, and your wonderful consultant have done for us.

Sincerely yours, 

Evelyn Ruschel Owner