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Jewelry Store Closing Sale Case History for Padgett's Jewelers

Professional Jewelry Liquidation Consultants


Jewelry stores go out of business for a variety of reasons including owner retirement, relocation, health issues, changing market trends, and other factors. When these stores need a jewelry liquidator consultant to assist them in closing their doors, they turn to G.A. Wright Sales, Inc., because of our outstanding reputation with retail clients throughout the United States and in seven other countries. 


Padgett’s Jewelers had been in business since 1929 and had been in the same family for over 50 years. Faye Stafford, the owner of Padgett’s Jewelers, decided to retire and wanted to sell out the inventory of the store. Looking for the best way to sell the store inventory, fixtures, and assets for the highest cash price, G.A. Wright was called in to act as a jewelry liquidator consultant and assist Faye Stafford plan and conduct a retirement sale for her jewelry store. Faye made the comment, “… no way we could have closed out as much of our inventory as effectively and profitably as we have without the help of G.A. Wright.”

The Process

G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. is a professional jewelry liquidation company that helps jewelry stores liquidate their store inventory, fixtures, and other assets quickly and effectively once the decision is made to close the store. One of the things that sets us apart in our industry is a proven, well-defined process that accomplishes store closings with a higher return than any other method. Our clients tell us that they are thrilled to able to maintain impressive profit margins throughout the store closing process. Our jewelry store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events are powerful because they combine the strength of several key elements to generate remarkable results for our clients.

These elements include:

    • market analysis
    • planning
    • direct marketing
    • fully integrated online and off line advertising
    • sales promotions
    • media relations
    • special events

G.A. Wright has the years of experience it takes to generate exceptional results for our clients. Our jewelry liquidator consultants work directly for our clients on site to assist them in the planning, implementation, and management of store closing and retail sales promotion events. These consultants are sensitive to the client’s needs, understand what their customers want, and know how to produce the kind of results that help the store maintain strong profit margins during the liquidation sale process. The consultants help the client sell out their store’s inventory, fixtures, and assets to the bare walls with powerful marketing strategies that result in huge sales events, drawing large crowds, creating a buying frenzy, and generating repeat customers.

The G.A. Wright inventory liquidation program is very successful at producing impressive results for our clients by integrating:

    • high impact advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, and point-of-sale materials
    • frequent shopper program
    • marketing support services
    • merchandising
    • store operations
    • and sales

The Store Closing Sale

A jewelry store closing sale is a great way for the store owner to generate a large cash return. Many clients tell us they realize more revenue during a single day of a G.A. Wright store closing sale than they do in a full month or more of regular business; sometimes our store closing sales result in the most traffic the store has seen since it first opened its doors! Opening day sales for Faye Padgett were the biggest in memory. The sale was effective at selling merchandise that had been in the store for a very long time. A buying frenzy was experienced with high initial profit margins. Repeat customer visits helped eliminate old merchandise quickly for more money than was anticipate.

When jewelry store owners like Faye Padgett are looking for the best way to sell their stores, they call on G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. for the experience to liquidate their jewelry store in the best possible manner. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with the ease of our store closing sale process, the support received from the G.A. Wright team, and the results the store closing sale events produce.

Owner’s Comments

Faye tells us: “The professionalism and hands on work through the course of the sale created a better selling atmosphere, excitement and overall store ambience.  We came away from this experience with satisfaction and confidence in G.A. Wright and the selling process the company has clearly based its success on.”