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See How a G.A Wright Store Closing Sale Increased Traffic and Sold Merchandise During a Poor Economy.

Infant Supply Store Closing Sale


Erin Gray and Connie Walker, co-owners of 9 Months Later in Twin Falls, Idaho, needed to close their store due to cash flow problems resulting from a poor economy. They contacted G.A Wright after reading the G.A Wright Retail Trends Blog on-line about Professional Store Closing Sales. Their goal was to sell the inventory and fixtures while maintaining a high-profit margin and walk away from the business with dignity. They realized during the sale if they had called G.A Wright a year earlier they might have been able to stay in business. 

The Store Closing Sale

G.A Wright was retained in October to conduct a Store Closing Sale. The first day of the sale customers were lined up outside the front door and into the parking lot.  The line extended across the street and in front of other businesses. That day they generated more in gross sales than had been achieved the entire month before. Over 209 transactions were processed. About 70% of shoppers were new customers who had never been in the store. Many customers bought new merchandise and came back daily to buy old merchandise that had been on the shelves since the store first opened. The staff had a great time working with the G.A Wright Consultant.  Customers loved the sale and upbeat atmosphere. Erin and Connie were skeptical going into the sale, but came out believers in the G.A Wright Program.

Comments by the Owners

“Once the doors opened and the customers started collecting their desired merchandise, it turned into a buying frenzy. …Everyone rushing to get their treasures before the next customer could. …Again, very overwhelming since the line wrapped around the store with customers easily waiting over an hour to make their purchase without complaint.”

“Something we had never thought about was that G.A Wright would not only help with the actual numbers but that they supported us with the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion that is all associated with a situation like this.”

“Once we got used to the intense response by our customers we started noticing that G.A Wright’s techniques were flawless with customers returning daily if not twice a day to not only see what they had missed but to continue buying merchandise.”


GA Wright Store Closing Sale for Children's & Infant Supply Store