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See how a Store Closing Sale did better than selling as a going concern.

Industrial Clothing Store Closing Sale


Mary McDaniel owner of The Redneck Store decided to retire after more than 20 years in the retail industry.  Specializing in apparel for industrial workers, The Redneck Store was located in an area most consumers would consider hard to find. Mary was very skeptical about the success of doing a public store closing event. But due to her bad experience with closing two of her three locations on her own, she decided to call in the experts at G.A Wright and was very happy with the results.

The Store Closing Sale

In March 2011 G.A Wright was retained to conduct a Store Closing Sale for Mary McDaniel. The event was scheduled to last 7 ½ weeks. The first day of the sale people were lined up at the door. The parking lot was so full people had to park more than a block away and walk in the rain. In one day the sales exceeded a whole month of regular sales. Customers came back each day of the sale to buy additional merchandise. Customer traffic was heavy for the duration of the event. The consultant from G.A Wright instantly established great repoir with customers and staff. Mary had the freedom to conduct business as usual and visit with new and old customers. By the final day of the sale all inventory was sold including fixtures and the store closed one week early.

Comments by owner, Mary McDaniel

“As I began to get older I no longer wanted the responsibility of three stores. At that time I considered using G.A. Wright. I made a big mistake by not calling them. I closed two Redneck Stores on my own. Needless to say that did not go well. Much revenue was lost.”

“Due to my bad experience of closing two stores on my own, I was more than happy to leave it to the experts…The first day of the sale I knew I was right with Wright!” 

“The store closing returned more in sales then the best offer I had in selling it as a going concern. I have already recommended G.A Wright to many business associates. The best part is that I got retired in less then two months.”

GA Wright conducts Store Closing Sale, The Redneck Store