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Fourth Time G.A Wright Client David May, Conducts Retirement Sale of Heirloom Gift Shop

Hummel Gift Shop

This video shows David May talking about his 3 previous Retail Promotional Sales and his Retirement Sale in progress.

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Heirloom & Gift Store Retirement Sale


Hummel Store Retirement Sale

Not everyone has been in business for 50 years like David May. But whether it has been 50 years, 25, or 10, there comes a point in life when it's time to retire. May called upon G.A. Wright, a liquidation company with the experience to help with any retail gift or collectible Hummel store retirement sale plan.

May was lucky in that he was already familiar with our company, which had done previous inventory reduction sales for him in the past. He knew where to call when he needed further help.


Inventory Reduction

May had amassed a huge inventory with the store and a warehouse chalked full of gifts, collectibles, and wrapping supplies. He wanted it all gone. The goal is to empty the place, "wall to wall empty," he said, and with G.A. Wright's help, they did just that.

The fluctuating economy has taken its toll on gift and collectible businesses. The Mays had gone into quite a bit of debt in keeping their store open. Through Hummel promotional sales and those inventory reduction sales they were able to erase all of that debt by emptying the warehouse. They had the shop still full to go, and with the retirement sale, they'd come out with some retirement funds for their future.

"That means an awful lot to me," May said.


Retirement Sale

On the first day of the retirement sale, May saw more than 2,000 people come through his doors. Old customers, current customers, and some new ones lined up to see what the store had to offer. Some customers he hadn't seen for years. They came in to wish him well and made a purchase before leaving.

While most anyone could advertise a retirement sale, G.A. Wright has the "tactics, techniques, and ideas" that just couldn't be done by the business owner alone. They didn’t have the experience in dispersals, but that's what G.A. Wright knows best.

May advises not to try to close out on your own. To get the great results G.A. Wright has shown, it takes the experience the company has to offer. While operating in Denver, the staff of G.A. Wright provides assistance to businesses all around the country and beyond. If you are simply carrying too much inventory and are looking to have a Hummel promotional sale, or if you are considering your retirement and want to plan a retirement sale that will work, contact G.A. Wright through our submissions form. We'll get back to you promptly to discuss what we can do for you.