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See why using a Store Closing Expert can help close your Hardware Store

Hardware Store Closing Sale

Because of a declining sales trend over the last five years Fred Corey, the owner of Corey Hardware, decided to conduct a Hardware Store Closing Sale, or what we refer to as a "Quitting Business Sale."

In January of 2010 GA Wright was hired to help Fred plan and conduct a Quitting Business Sale for his Hardware Store.  He said, “This was a difficult decision for me, and I’m sure, that not unlike many of your clients, I was worried and concerned as to how well we would do based upon the amount of product that we had and how our sales trend was the past 5 years.  I was skeptical.”  

Quitting Business Sale
Fred Corey said he can now appreciate how our marketing plan works.  “I was amazed by the repeat customers that continued to come in and buy day after day throughout the sale.  …  I observed customers come in that I have not seen in years and many customers that have never visited the store before.  The buying frenzy created weekly by the marketing plan made the whole process fun for our customers right up to the end.  I was also amazed at how well product that has not moved in years sold off the shelves.” 

The Results
“Without this method of advertising, and the efforts of the consultant, I never would have achieved these same results. … Thank you again, for your valuable recommendations and input concerning how to close this business successfully.”  Fred Correy

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