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Fisher Jewelers

Dear Mr. Wright, 

We are nearing the end our Quitting Business Sale and I would like to make a few comments about the sale and the professional way it was managed by your company and your consultant. 

Opening day was great. Old friends and many new customers swarmed our showroom, lining up to get in, registering for the Contest and buying everything in sight. Our first day sales were higher than the previous three months combined. Amazingly enough, over the next few weeks, we would have some days that were even better. 

After the opening, your consultant went to work maintaining the sale's momentum. He implemented and managed all aspects of your marketing program in a positive yet diplomatic fashion, leaving us to do what we do best while he provided us with the direction, oversight, and timing required to meet our goals. In the last six weeks we achieved a sales volume that exceeded our previous 18 months' sales. 

The advertising plan devised and executed by your consultant was excellent. We were particularly impressed with the focused Direct Mail campaign that targeted adjacent communities. These event oriented mass mailers proved to be an extremely effective alternative to Newspaper, Radio or Television Advertising. The coordination of this advertising with a weekly preferred customer and prize contestant oriented weekly mail campaign worked great, bringing in new buyers and returning our regulars. Many of our customers seem to be addicted to the Contest, trooping in each day to play the game, visit awhile, bringing in friends to join the fun, and usually making a purchase. 

The bright tasteful exterior banners and sharp professional interior signs and tags maintained a strong positive business image throughout, and your consultant demonstrated on a daily basis that the success of all aspects of our business and this sale were as important to him as they are to us. This was particularly important, as we wished to retire from our successful business in a dignified and upbeat fashion. These conditions were well met. 

All in all, this has been a very uplifting and positive experience, and I'd gladly recommend your program to my associates based on my experiences here.