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Fabric store sells everything to the bare walls with a G.A. Wright Store Closing Sale

Fabric Store Closing Sale

Get Professional Help When it’s Time to Close Your Fabric Business

When you decide it is time to close your fabric store, you should get professional advice. Let's face it, most private quilt or fabric businesses are started by those who love sewing, not formal business people. G.A. Wright Sales is a professional consulting firm, specializing in going out of business sales, and we can help you.

G.A. Wright helps design an attractive fabric store closing sale plan, centering on your business and your location.

    • This can happen fast, within a couple of months.
    • You will get cash for your business.
    • We'll help you move inventory, as well as other assets.
    • This provides a higher financial return than other methods of closing a business.
    • Your risk is minimal.

We will help you do it right, and we exceed our client's expectations. G.A. Wright prepares a step-by-step plan for conducting the store closing sale.

Fabric Store Closing Sale

One former fabric store owner contacted G.A. Wright when she decided to retire to spend time with her newly born grandchild. Once her business closed, she was glad she had contacted us.

With our help, she said, she was able to reach her major goals of:

    • Complete sales of inventory - She did not want to deal with any inventory, and G.A. Wright was able to help her sell it all, including the store fixtures.
    • Financial results – She told us she received more than she had thought she would for her fabric store closing sale.

G.A. Wright is Professional and Works Hard

G.A. Wright is known for its professional manner. We have a team experienced in retail business and closing sales. We pride ourselves on our clients getting the most out of their business, financially, and in a friendly manner.

The former fabric store owner said our consultant was professional and punctual. She was pleased to receive an evaluation without a commitment and went with G.A. Wright's advice. Together they worked out pricing and advertising.

The first day of the fabric store closing sale, she said, people were lined up on the porch, through the parking lot, and down the street. Our specialist worked with her side-by-side and knew what to do, and when sales slowed down, the specialist was able to bring them back up again.
"The sale was phenomenal," she said.

The G.A. Wright staff has experience with most any retail business. We will spend the time to research how we can help close your business with the best financial result for you. If you are thinking about closing your fabric store, or any other retail business, give us a call today!


 Comments by owner, Lenore Gill

"I am very surprised at our sales in such a short time… As you look back over the process it all made sense…. But when you are going into it by yourself and you have no idea  what to do when, I don’t’ think we could have sold everything at the price that  we sold things with out the help of G.A Wright”

“I am very pleased with the total sale experience…we finished two weeks early because we had nothing left to sell. Our consultant said we would sell out to the bare walls if we followed the plan and we did!”

GA Wright Fabric Store Closing Testimonial


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