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Electronics Store Closing Sale (Radio Shack)

Sometimes in business unforeseen circumstances force store owners to make the tough decision to close their doors. When an electronics supply store closes, the G.A. Wright Sales team of professional consultants can ensure that the final close-out sale is a rousing success. G.A. Wright has years of experience helping retail stores close their doors successfully, liquidating their store inventory, fixtures, and other assets – sometimes down to the bare walls – and at a higher rate of return than any other method. Such was the case with an electronics store that lost a supplier which accounted for 50% of  his business. This loss impacted the store’s business in such a significant manner that the owner decided to close the doors after doing 15 years of business. He consulted with other local business owners regarding the best way to go about this and learned of G.A. Wright’s effective retail store closing programs and high impact sales promotion events. He researched the company online and reached out to the G.A. Wright Sales team, and ultimately contracted them to help conduct a total liquidation of his retail inventory.  The G.A. Wright team used several key elements to generate remarkable results for this store owner.

These elements included:


  • Market Analysis
  • Proper Planning
  • Laser Focused Direct Marketing
  • Fully integrated online and off line advertising
  • Effective Sales Promotions
  • Powerful Media Relations
  • Dynamic Special Events


G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. generated a large customer turnout, garnering new and repeat customers for this electronics store owner. G.A. Wright stepped in with powerful store closing strategies that helped this retail store owner sell the store’s inventory for the highest cash price. The store owner was impressed and excited by the amount of return customers the sales event produced, turning what could have been a negative experience into a positive one.


As professional retail store liquidation consultants, G.A. Wright has the experience necessary to generate results for our clients that consistently exceed their expectations. Our professional consultants work with clients on site to assist them in the planning, implementation, and management of store closing and retail sales promotion events. These consultants are sensitive to the client’s needs, understand their customer base, and know how to produce the kind of results that help the store maintain healthy margins during the store closing process. The consultants help the client clear the store’s inventory with powerful marketing strategies that result in huge customer turnout and impressive sales numbers.


The G.A. Wright retail store closing system helps generate impressive cash flow for store owners during the store closing process by integrating:


  • high impact advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, and point-of-sale materials
  • frequent shopper program
  • marketing support services
  • merchandising
  • store operations
  • and sales


When electronics store owners are looking for the best way to close their doors and still maintain a healthy bottom line during the process, they turn to G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. for help. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with the ease of our store closing sale process and the results they receive with the help of G.A. Wright Sales, Inc.


Contact us today if you’re considering closing your doors and want to make the process as profitable and painless as possible. We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers.

 After losing a major supplier that accounted for 50% of his business, Tony  Shirley, owner of Shirley Computer and Radio Shack in Tipton, IN made the decision to close his store. Once he contacted other retailers who had experience using G.A. Wright, Tony decided to contract the services of a Professional Sales Consultant to conduct a Total Liquidation of his inventory. The video below shows Tony talking in detail about why he chose G.A. Wright, and the results achieved during his sale.

G.A Wright Conducts Store Closing for Radio Shack


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