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Children's Store Closing Sale Case History


Nancy Arbogast, owner of The Children's Shoppe, decided to retire. The store has been in business since 1966 and Nancy owned it for the last 6 years. She owed money to the bank and knew she needed to move a large quantity of inventory quickly to generate the cash necessary to pay the bank and hoped to make a profit. Nancy knew she could not achieve her goals of selling the inventory on her own, so she contacted G.A. Wright to conduct a Store Closing Sale.


Nancy retained the services of G.A. Wright to help plan and conduct her Store Closing Sale. On opening day, sales exceeded the highest month during the past 5 years. Customers came in daily. The G.A. Wright Consultant made it fun and exciting not only for the customers but the staff. The staff learned new ways to look at conducting a sale and felt they could take what they learned with them to their next retail position. 100% of the merchandise was sold by the end of the event and debt to the bank was paid in full. In addition to selling out to the bare walls, Nancy was able to sell her fixtures and produced gross revenue of 107% from her starting inventory.

Comments from owner: Nancy Arbogast

      "Over the course of the past several weeks, I have experienced sales and customer volume unlike anything known to me in my six years of retail. ... It was exciting to see merchandise move in mass quantities, with customers engaging the experience. ...I would recommend their services to any retailer who is thinking about closing their business. ...This is a great way to leave, I was going to leave anyway and this leaves I think a lasting impression on the entire community and I would recommend it highly to any retailer."

GA Wright Childrens Store Closing

GA Wright Childrens Store Closing

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