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Children’s Store Closing Sales are A Specialty for G.A. Wright.

Children's Store Closing Sale

A tough economy, diminished sales, changing market trends, increased competition, and any number of personal reasons and other factors can cause a children’s store owner to close the doors to the business. When faced with conducting a closing sale, many business owners aren’t sure of the best strategies to use to get the kind of traffic through their doors that will result in a successful sale event. The G.A. Wright team has years of experience conducting successful store closing events that not only clear out a store’s inventory but can even sell off assets and fixtures down to the bare walls.

Several key factors are necessary to generate that kind of results, including:

  • Market Analysis
  • Proper Planning
  • Laser Focused Direct Marketing
  • Fully integrated online and off line advertising
  • Effective Sales Promotions
  • Powerful Media Relations
  • Dynamic Special Events

The G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. team knows how to leverage a store owner’s customer base to generate huge crowds at the store closing sales events they conduct, garnering new and repeat customers for the store owner. G.A. Wright employs powerful store closing strategies that not only assist store owners in selling the store’s inventory for the highest cash price but generate repeat customers who are happy to spread the word to their community.

The G.A. Wright retail store closing system helps generate impressive cash flow for store owners during the store closing process by integrating:

  • high impact advertising design and copy for media, direct mail, and point-of-sale materials
  • frequent shopper program
  • marketing support services
  • merchandising
  • store operations
  • and sales

G.A. Wright professional liquidation consultants know how to help a children’s store that has decided to close maintain healthy profit margins during the closing process. They understand the customer base, the relationships the store owner has with their customers, and how sensitive the process can be. Because they aren’t emotionally connected to the customer, they are able to conduct the store closing process with an objective eye, and help the store owner sell off inventory, assets, and fixtures with powerful marketing strategies that result in huge customer turnout and impressive sales numbers.

Contact us today if you’re considering closing the doors of your children’s store and want to make the process as easy and profitable as possible. We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers.


A tough economy and lack of customers caused the store owner of  Magic Garden, Nancy Kost, to worry that she couldn’t attract enough traffic to sell her inventory if she conducted a Closing Sale on her own.


In February of 2010 GA Wright was hired to help Nancy plan and conduct a Store Closing Sale for her Children’s Clothing Store.  She made the comment, “I have to admit that I was not entirely sure that I would be as successful as others who have used your program.  I was completely wrong.  The specialized plan fit my store and community perfectly which brought the traffic and success to my sale.” 

The Store Closing Sale

Costs during the sale were kept down and profit margins up.  The highest value was obtained for the merchandise.  Nancy Kost said, “The marketing plan brought in traffic needed repeatedly and exceeded my expectations. … I couldn’t have done it without you.” 

Owner’s Comments

"The Professional Sales Consultant that you sent me was phenomenal. … He guided and supervised myself and my team of workers, always convincing us of the marketing plan. … Thank you again for your help and support during my sale!”

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