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Store Closing Case History: The Book Clinic

Book Store Closing Sale


Keitha Thomson and Anna Haverty, co-owners of The Book Clinic, were experiencing a great deal of financial pressure due to a poor economy.  With over 11 years in business it was hard to make the decision to close but ultimately Keitha and Anna felt staying open was not an option. They were nervous about closing the store and decided to have G.A Wright help them through the process.

The Store Closing Sale

G.A. Wright was retained in February to conduct a Store Closing Sale. The G.A Wright Consultant arrived three weeks later to assist in planning the event. Keitha and Anna had doubts about meeting their goals but the Consultant put them at ease by giving them a precise step by step plan. On the first day many of the books were sold and lines of customers were present throughout the sale. On the final day all inventory and fixtures were gone and the store had been sold to the bare walls. The Book Clinic exceeded their goal by 3.9%.

Comments by owners:

"G.A. Wright was very helpful to us in getting the process together…The first day was amazing.  We probably had more business that first day than we’ve had for 2 years.”-Keitha Thomson

We have exceeded what we expected to do during this sale…The quotations that we were given from G.A Wright have been right on and we are really happy with everything that’s happened” -Anna Haverty

GA Wright Book Store Closing Sale