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Block Music Co., Inc.


After 15 years in business with my father we decided to close our doors here in Sterling. Our decision to go out of business was firmly established after meeting with your company representative in October of last year. This letter is sent to you, as a letter of thanks & appreciation for a job well done. 
When your consultant had arrived at our store, we were all a little skeptical. When the sale was over and he left we were thankful that we had made the right decision in hiring your company. 

We had sold instruments that we had in stock for over 12 years. We saw people we hadn't seen in our store ever! They came from 40 miles away! We even sold a trombone and a windjammer for $600 to an old customer of ours in California, who had heard about our sale through a 3rd class mail piece. It was just remarkable! 

Every aspect of the sale was handled in an exceptionally professional manner by your consultant. My dad and I would have never thought to price and merchandise our product as creatively as your consultant did. The guidelines that were set reflected a comfortable margin of profit and yet were low enough to sell everything through. 

One of the biggest problems we had in the store was our accounts receivables. We had nearly $60,000 in both rental and delinquent customers. Your consultant once again was extremely creative and persistent in his collection efforts clearing up all of our most nagging old delinquent accounts. In some cases we had to knock on some doors just to get our instruments back. 

In conclusion, I can't say our expectations were met; they were actually surpassed in every aspect. The sales goal I set which was $40,000 higher than the original goal of $110,000 was surpassed by another $15,000. Simply INCREDIBLE!!! I can say I was extremely surprised and satisfied with the results, and most definitely comfortable with my decision to hire your company. 

Let me congratulate you and your consultant on a job well done!!! 

Thank You 

Jeff Block