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Accent Lighting

Dear Gary,

I want to write you to tell you how pleased I am with the consultant you selected to assist me with my closeout sale.  From the first day we spoke I was pleased with his professionalism and enthusiasm.  We established good communication from the start and continued to work well together.  The initial preparation was a lot of work, but he got us through the process very efficiently.

Prior to the first day of our sale I didn't know what to expect, but when we opened that day the traffic was unbelievable.  The first days sales were beyond anything I could have imagined.  We had over 600 customers in the first day alone.  In fact the sales throughout the entire sales were well beyond what we could have accomplished on our own.

The process our consultant implemented brought in many new customers that we had not seen before.  The sale was the talk of the town and many came in through word of mouth.  Many of those new customers as well as our regulars came in every day.  Many said that they sale was so exciting they were sad to see it end.  They also loved the way your consultant interacted with them.

Our consultant helped me manage the cost of the sale by controlling payroll and advertising expenses.  He used on the most effective advertising and eliminated employees when they were not needed.

Overall, I enjoyed working with your consultant and I am happy with the result.  I definitely recommend G.A. Wright to anyone looking to carry out your program.


Arnold Goldberg

Owner, Accent Lighting