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See how to sell inventory and fixtures for an Art Supply Store with a Store Closing Sale

How to Close an Art Supply Store

How to Close an Art Supply Store

Owning an art supply store can be a lot of fun. You get to know your customers well, and can anticipate what they may need in the future, therefore keeping up your inventory. But, when it comes time to liquidate an art supply store, now that can be a challenge. A challenge that a retail store owner should not try to undertake by himself.

Green's Art Supply was family owned for more than 50 years. Sometime during those years, they had opened up a second store, managing both within the state of Michigan. But, it came time for owner Matt Cooke to close down one store while wanting the other one to continue to thrive. He called upon the experts at G.A. Wright.

How to Close an Art Supply Store

Matt was connected to a team member from G.A. Wright and was pleased with her expertise and handling of the planning and actual liquidation sale.

"The first day was amazing. People were really excited to be part of the sale," Matt said.

The activity level remained high throughout the length of the closing sale, and people returned time and again to see what they may have missed or to learn of new markdowns. Matt and his sales team were able to move merchandise that had been accumulating, and sitting, for many years.


The G.A. Wright experience

Matt praised his consultant with a high level of professionalism. Through the experience, he was excited that he got to know a lot of new people, who will remain customers at the other location.

"We wanted to leave on a positive note, and we feel our customers really enjoyed the sale," he said. "And not only them, but the employees as well."

Matt agrees with so many of G.A. Wright's clientele in saying that his art supply store liquidation was not only a good one, but that it went better than he ever could have anticipated.

If it is time for you to close your art supply store or any retail sales business, give G.A. Wright a call. Each member of our team has a vast amount of experience in retail, sales, and closing sales. We will plan the sale for you, and stay with you every step of the way to assure your liquidation is successful by meeting your expectations and then some.


See a Store Closing Sale at Green’s Art Supply in Birmingham MI. 

The owner, Matt Cooke, talks about the results he achieved using G.A. Wright to help conduct a professional Going Out of Business Sale.

Plus hear about the skills he learned from the process that he will take with him to continue business in another location.

How to Sell an Art Supply Retail Business

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