How to Liquidate Antique Store


How to Liquidate an Antique Store

As those in the antique business know, it's a different type of retail. There are no suggested retail prices, although there are a lot of pricing guides out there. No doubt you have become an expert in a specialty area, while you may inventory items beyond that expertise. If you have decided it is time for you to close your doors, then it is time to call upon the antique store closing consultants at G.A. Wright.


One Store Owner's Closing Experience

Sally Kaltman had owned Sallea Antiques for 40 years. Her store was quite specialized, handling antique boxes from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, along with some crystal, brass, and porcelain items. While she had help from her daughter, Jan, for the last several years, it was time for Sally to retire and close her store. They decided to call G.A. Wright for help.

They had interviewed another company that a neighboring business had utilized, but "it just didn't feel right," Jan said. They were more comfortable when they met with the G.A. Wright specialist. And, in actuality, G.A. Wright brought in more than three times the amount anticipated by the other company.

Sally and Jan were pleased with how professional their G.A. Wright specialist was and how smoothly their antique store liquidation went. Their opening day sale was phenomenal and "the momentum stayed," through the life of the sale, Jan said.


When you are ready to Liquidate Your Antique Store

A closing liquidation is different than the daily routine of a retail business, or any other sale. G.A. Wright has a tried-and-true plan to help you liquidate your store while making it easier on you and getting the most for your products. We have specialists throughout the U.S. and are happy to meet with store owners anywhere here in the States. Our team has expertise in all areas of retail and have helped successfully close hundreds of stores with great results.

We have antique store closing consultants familiar with dishware, glassware, furniture, clocks, watches, jewelry, and just about everything. In fact, we've helped successfully closed out retail stores in almost every retail area imaginable. If you have decided it is time for you to close your store, no matter the reason, give the team at G.A. Wright a call. A member of our team will discuss your needs with you, and then come out and meet with you to share how we call help with your successful liquidation sale.

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