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Hallmark Liquidation Sale

How to Conduct Retail Store Going Out of Business Sale


There's no shame in holding a liquidation sale, and there should be no shame in getting help with it. There comes a time for everyone in retail business to retire from that business for a variety of reasons.

When You Have Decided to Liquidate

When the recession hit, it was time for Jennifer Esping to liquidate her Hallmark franchise. She had been in business for 21 years having opened five different stores. She chose to close out some of her stores on her own, but when the decision was made to totally close out the business, she decided to seek help.

Jennifer had received mailings from G.A. Wright and decided to look into how we could help. In response to her initial request, we sent along a letter of recommendation from another Hallmark franchise owner with whom we had worked in the past. Jennifer knew her and gave her a call.

"She gave rave reviews," Jennifer said.

Choosing G.A. Wright to Help with Your Liquidation Sale

With that, Jennifer gave G.A. Wright a call. She wanted to sell everything right down to the store fixtures. And, she wanted to do it quickly during the first quarter, or the slowest part of the retail year, following the holidays. We got to work.

"Our consultant kept saying this is where the line will go, it will wrap all around the store," she said. "And, I kept thinking, yeah, no way, there's no way.

"The first day the line wrapped past that and we were so busy it was bewildering."Needless to say, she was very pleased.

G.A. Wright has Retail, Marketing, and Strategy Expertise

G.A. Wright consultants have been handling sales be it liquidations, inventory reduction, or retirement sales for years. It is what they specialize in, and they are very good at it.

During the first month of Jennifer's Hallmark liquidation sale, the store sales equaled those during the month of December. The liquidation was "very strategic," she said. Her consultant worked carefully to see what margins could be preserved and what needed to be marked down, protecting profits on as much of the inventory as possible.

"I'm glad we went to a professional this time, rather than doing it ourselves," she said.

You can benefit from Jennifer's experience. She tried closing out some of her stores on her own but was far more satisfied on the liquidation when she enlisted the services of G.A. Wright. No matter what type of retail store you own, you can do far better with our help than trying to hold a liquidation sale yourself.

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