Attract Crowds of Customers and Create a Big Increase in Sales, or Sell a Store Quickly and Safely for the Highest Possible Price

Our programs solve cash flow problems, eliminate old inventory, improve turnover rates, attract new customers and expand a store’s market area. We also work with retailers looking for an exit strategy.
“The techniques and knowledge that I will take away from this experience represents basic yet powerful tools which no independent business should be without…It is a pleasure to work with a company that delivers what they advertise, and deliver in such a way as to educate as well as perform” McLeskey-Todd Drug Co.

How to Attract Crowds and Produce a Big Increase in Sales

Obtain immediate and measurable increases in traffic and sales.

“This program is different. It is designed to produce immediate results.” Gary A. Wright

How You Benefit

  • A big increase in sales volume.
  • Crowds of new customers.
  • An expanded market area.
  • Enhanced store image.
  • Old merchandise eliminated.
  • Inventories balanced.
  • Improved turnover rate.
  • Sustained long-term increases in sales.
“The promotional plan you use is by far the most effective I’ve ever seen. It is obvious that each detail has been throughly researched and carefully thought out. You have given us a program that we will take great advantage of in the coming years.” Du Ell Sporting Goods

Turn Old Inventory into Cash Now!

What You’ll See

  • How to line up customers at your door.
  • How to obtain a big increase in sales volume.
  • Ways to obtain multiple return visits.
  • Techniques to sell items no one wants.
  • How to advertise without revealing prices.
  • How to create a buying frenzy.
  • A strategy to sustain sales for extended periods.
  • How to dominate your competition.
  • How to create fun and excitement.
“Just like clockwork, big lineup the first day out in front of the store. Huge sale the first day. All kinds of new customers we’ve never seen before and once again we are just thrilled…” Bill Hughes

Sell more. Stress less.

Through the powerful sales promotion programs from G.A. Wright. Let us show you how.
“The phenomenal sales resulted in an unprecedented cash flow and cleared out what we had believed to be unsaleable aged inventory.” Margit L. McCorkle
“We sold merchandise at good prices that we thought could not even be sold.” David Pronko

How to Plan a Retail Store Exit Strategy

Sell quickly and safely for the highest possible price.

How You Benefit

  • Sell your store quickly.
  • Obtain the highest possible price.
  • Minimize risk.
  • Receive 100% cash.
  • Collect accounts receivable.
  • Eliminate the need to finance a business sale.
  • Maintain a positive image.
  • Have a rewarding business experience.
“We came away from this experience with satisfaction and confidence in GA Wright and the selling process the company has clearly based its success on.” Larry Harold
“Because of the different techniques that G.A. Wright uses. We were skeptics. There were things that sat on our shelves since the day we opened that have never moved and with the techniques that they use, they were gone!” Erin Gray

What You’ll See

  • How much your store is worth.
  • The best time to conduct a sale.
  • Why you get more for good will.
  • How to find the buyers who pay the most.
  • How to sell inventory out to the bare walls.
  • A system for selling fixtures and equipment.
  • How to sell items no one wants.
  • Why your location becomes worth more.
  • How to get creditors and suppliers to support your plans.
  • How to keep employees as long as you need them.
  • Ways to improve security and reduce theft.
  • Why advance planning increases your return.

How Do You Know When to Exit the Retail Business?

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Am I paying myself enough?
  • Am I putting personal funds in the business?
  • Are payables rising and past due?
  • Is a home equity loan or credit cards used to pay bills?
  • Are big discounts necessary to raise cash?
  • Is inventory declining?
  • Am I cutting ad costs to save money?
  • Are creditor calls increasing?
  • Am I experiencing family stress or health problems?
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